Great Dubbing Mixes In 30 Seconds

Here is a super easy and fast way to mix dubbings. You only need the dubbings, a wire brush for pets and a dubbing neddle.

Here are the dubbings I choose for this demo. Two bright colors and flash dubbing.

Make a sandwich out of the three dubbings.

Take the dubbing sandwich and stroke it into the wire brush.

Take your dubbing needle to pull the dubbing out of the brush.

Here is the first result after the first round. Looks nice! If you want the dubbing do be better mixed, go for another round on the brush.

Here is the result after the second round on the wire brush.

Finally the result after the third turn on the brush. Super mixed two toned dubbing with flash highlights in less than 30 seconds!  What could be more easy?


Holger Lachmann

4 thoughts on “Great Dubbing Mixes In 30 Seconds

  1. I always used coffee grinder for mixing dubbings… but it’s a great idea for outdoor fly tying, when you experiment some variants of color by the river. Thanks for good concept.

  2. Very nice and good idea !. For some synthetic material the coffee grinder cannot be use ( it melts the material ) But with this technique you can do what you want :)
    cheers and thanks for sharing :)

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