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13 thoughts on “Links and Friends

  1. supertolle Fliegen die Du da bindest – gefallen mir ausgesprochen gut Holger – muß
    da wohl öfter nachschauen!!!!
    Gruß Andi

  2. Hi Holger. I just started flyfishing 2years ago in Japan. Your website is very useful for beginner!
    Thank You for sharing Your lovely flyes. I also follow you on facebook.

    Thank You Very much.
    Yoshiharu Kamiya.

    • Hi Yoshi!
      Thank you very much for your nice words. I’m glad you find useful things here.
      Greetings to Japan!
      tight lines

  3. New Year, new site discovered. And it is an beautiful one. Will visit it on a regular basis. Nice work !

    petri heil


  4. This is my first visit to Theonefly. Absolutely amazing! I loved all those beautifully created flies. Thanks for such a brilliant website!

  5. Love your blog and always refer to learn more. I am a beginner intermediate tyer and love the step by step blog post you do. Please keep them coming!


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