.About „The One Fly“

We open our fly box, take a look around and choose The One Fly, in which we believe. The One Fly in which we put all our confidence. The One Fly, which we will fish confidently. The One Fly, which will catch the fish….or not. ;-)

I hope you like my blog and maybe you find here a fly or an idea, which will bring you a nice day at the water with some fish-action. That would be the biggest success for me.

If you got any questions, feel free to contact me.

About me

Hi, my name is Holger Lachmann and I was born 1981in a little German town called Höxter, next to the river Weser.

My father taught me how to fish when I was a small boy. Most important, he taught me to respect all creatures in and around the water and the water itself.

With the age of twelve I bought my first fly rod. I was lost when the first trout took my fly. At the same time I started tying my own flies. They looked really funny at the beginning but they caught fish.

Today, fly fishing is still a really big part of my life. I enjoy every part of it, no matter if it’s casting, tying, fishing with friends, fishing by myself or meeting new interesting people on shows and fairs from all over the world, which share the same passion.

Being out in the nature casting a fly into some kind of water is just the pure joy for me.

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  1. Holger.
    Kompliment für dein Initiatif diesen Blog zu realisieren. the One fly ist sehr gut step by step präsentiert und deine Bilder sind von exzellente Qualität.
    ich binn gespannt was alles noch kommt. Gruss, Jan

  2. Hallo Holger,
    super dieser Blog. Sehr schöne Fotos und auch die Bindeanleitungen sind klasse.
    Das ist genau das richtige für mich…..!
    Ich hoffe wir sehen uns bald mal wieder.
    LG Hanjo

  3. Greetings Deutschland friend!

    Holger, Your site is fantastic!

    Maybe you have ideas on flies for big browns (20+) pounds.

    I have them here in lakes yet not much info is available and NO ONE I can find is fishing after them with a fly.

    Your input or ideas is most appreciated.

    Gary in USA

  4. Dear Holger,

    I found Your site today. It’s unbelievable! You’ve made very good work, my friend.
    People like You make me believe in our small flytying’s world. This world is really small; maybe we’ll meet one day ? See ya ;)

    Best regards from Poland,


  5. Hola Holger

    Gracias por permitirme entrar a tu excelente blog y continuar nutriendome de conocimientos sobre la apasionante pesca a la mosca. Me gustó mucho el atado paso a paso.

  6. Hallo Holger,
    ich habe Dich auf der adh- Hausmesse gesehen, in der Gruppe „With Fly Rod after Pike“ endeckt und nun diese Website gefunden.
    Kompliment und Danke für Deinen Einsatz, die tollen Ideen und super Bindeanleitungen.
    Tight lines,

  7. verry beautifull flyes ,the streamer are perfect
    great site
    you inspired me in tying my ones flyes,Tanks
    best regards from Romania

  8. Hello from a deeply frozen Wisconsin! I was looking for some new recipes for Pike flies, and came across your site! Very nice, congrats to you! I too started fly fishing at 12 ,only in Northern Minnesota. Still have my 1st rod and big auto reel! 44 yrs later I still can’t seem to get enough. Sitting at the vice brings a peace, as well as remembering fish caught, trips taken, and new ones to come! Gotta love it! Would you consider sharing recipes of your flies? Mine seem to be heavy, even with a 12 wt rod and line combo, so I trim and trim some more, leaving a profile that lacks what I wanted in the first place? Look forward to visiting here again! Mike

  9. I am a fellow flytyer & fisherman from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I came across this website by accident while searching for pike patterns & I am totally blown away, great job Holger!

    You have given the flytying world exactly what everyone wishes for; great patterns with concise instruction on building them along with fantastic photography in an easy to browse format. Best of all your site is presented with a very every-day approachable attitude, which portrays a humble but experienced craftsman. Bravo

  10. While searching for pike fly patters I came across your site – AMAZING! Good thing is that with each visit it restores my sanity during our freeze over here in Southern Ontario, Canada. Patterns are amazing and gives me inspiration to create my own once again. Tschuess. Kemp

  11. Hallo Holger

    Eine Super Seite hast du da ausgestellt mit absoluten Top Fotos. Habe sie direkt meinen Favoriten beigefügt.


  12. Holger,

    Fine blog and flies, indeed!

    I’m new to tube flies, and have been inspired by your creations. I’m planning a trip to Slovenia this June to fly fish in the Soca area, my first time fly fishing in Europe. I want to take some streamer patterns to try to intice some Marble trout to my line. I’m considering some articulated streamer flies like Kelly Galloup ties (with the second hook cut at the bend to comply with the one fly rule), and I also am considering some tube streamer flies. As you may know, the larger Marble trout spend most of their time in those deep pools, so getting the flies down is part of the game. As I’ve been reading and leaning about the Pro Tube system, I thinking I could tie some nice streamer tube flies with various weights incorporated, yet still have a mobile fly that is not too awful to cast!

    Do you have any streamers, tube or otherwise, that you’d recommend for me in the Soca area of Slovenia?

    Thank you. I do indeed appreciate your website and your „eye“ for tying.


    Portland, Oregon

  13. Olá Holger,
    I am from Brazil And your blog is, to say the least, inspiring.
    Since I found it some new And great ideas came to inspire brazilian flies.
    Best Regards.

  14. Your flies are breathtaking :) as a working artist who works so I can fish, I find your flies inspiring . I often open up your website to look at the photos for inspiration. Thank you!

  15. Dear Holger,

    This is Gustavo Stella from Argentina, South America.
    I admire your flies actually….they’re amazing.
    Am I able to adquire some flies to try them in our rivers and lakes here in my country in Patagonia Argentina ?
    Please , Just let me know how to adquire them.

    Best Regards.

    Gustavo Stella

  16. Hello, Holger!
    Could tell us your camera set up/ equipmt./lights/lenses, please! So very great pictures of superb flies. I catch often an idea of a detail of your flies for my own tying. Thank you for your inspiration!


    • Hi Michael,
      it’s just a DSLR from Canon with a Canon 60mm macro lens and a tripod. I don’t use any complicated light set up.

  17. Hi I have just found you and I’m glad I have I have just started tying flies again and I will be following you and trying some of the flies on here.

  18. Hi Holgar
    Your flies are an example of artistic perfection displayed in a practical product for use in a sport that is an art in itself. To say inspiring is an understatement.

    I have found your blog/site after reading an article in our excellent South African magazine, The Complete Fly Fisherman, your photo on the front cover made me rush straight to the article/interview. The term „passion and perfection in action“ sprang to mind when I read the interview and has now been fortified by your site.

    I raise my fly-fishing cap to you,
    David – from a very hot South Africa.

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