Movie ‚Gaula – River of Silver & Gold‘ by Daniel Göz and Anton Hamacher

My Blu-Ray of „Gaula – River of Silver & Gold“ by Daniel Göz and Anton Hamacher just arrived this morning. I put it directly into the player… ;-).

It’s one of the best flyfishing movies, that I’ve ever seen. It’s no fish porn, that fact should be clear. It’s more! It’s about the water, the nature and the great atlantic salmon.

Some scenes of the movie makes you breathless, together with the sound, they are epic! Big words, I know, but that are my fresh feelings some minutes after the end of the movie. The quality of the pictures and the camera rides are amazing.

Highly recommendable!

You can watch the trailer ( and buy the DVD or Blu-Ray, if you like it) here:


2 Gedanken zu „Movie ‚Gaula – River of Silver & Gold‘ by Daniel Göz and Anton Hamacher

  1. This movie looks beautiful!! Those Atlantics are incredible fish! ALOT like the steelhead in coastal Oregon streams. Holger…..your site in AWESOME!! I love to tie and love to chase BIG trout and ELK!! with my bow. Take care all from the High Desert of Oregon….gc

  2. Loved the movie. I think that Tarpam was more my style in that i like the adventure aspect of it. But its nice to see a good film without all the crazy music some put with them. are you guys planning on any more adventures that you will be filming?

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