Cellphone Shrimp

Last night I wanted to tie a CDC-Shrimp. I’d just done the first few wraps with the tying thread, when my cell was ringing. My buddy Aik was calling. So, what to do? Stop tying? No way! :-) I clamped the cell between my ear and my shoulder and continued tying with this “special” posture…. When I finished the telephone conversation, the fly was finished too, including the back with Clear Cure Goo.

To be honest, I was concentrated on the call and was wondering, that the fly looked no too bad either. I should always tie without thinking! :-D



4 thoughts on “Cellphone Shrimp

  1. I live just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. This shrimp fly will catch Red Fish and Speckled Trout. Are there any instructions on how to tie this fly, or better yet, a video. Youtube would be a nice avenue for the video. I would love to tie this. Thanks from Cajun Country.

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