A Closer Look At: ADH-Fishing Scissors & Hackle Pliers

I had the opportunity to test the new scissors and the hackle pliers from ADH-Fishing. These are real workhorses for your everyday cutting from small nymphs and dries up to tying with hair and fur or synthetics for bigger streamers.

There are four different scissors: Adjustable Razor Scissors, Ergo All Purpose Scissors, Ergo Arrow Point Scissors and Ergo Hair Scissors

When you first see them, you might think „they look quite similar to the scissors from the famous company …“. Yes, you are right, they look quite similar, because they are made in the same factory from the same stainless steel.

Same with the hackle pliers with the serrated tips. Works very nice. Strong and holds material and hackles firmly.

So you might ask yourself „Why should I buy these instead the ones from the famous company?“ That’s a good question and there is a simple answer: the ADH-Fishing tools are the same quality, but they are cheaper! A better price-quality ratio.

If your need some new scissors or hackle pliers for your tying season, you should definitely take a closer look at the ADH-Fihing tools. Best bang for the buck.

A closer look at FLY FUR

I was asked by the Bavarian fly shop Rudi Heger, if I’m interested in testing the new FLY FUR by Fair Flies. Well, I’m always interested in testing new materials, but I was sceptical, because it looked like normal Craft Fur. Nothing really new.

I did a little research on the homepage of the manufacturer. They wrote about Fly Fur:

  • Half the underfur and twice the overfur of other select craft furs
  • Longest, most supple fibers will not leave you wanting for your pike and streamer patterns
  • Super fine fibers are coated so that they do not clump, but flow freely when wet
  • Uniquely designed colors for fish – not left over colors from other industries 
  • Great marabou replacement
  • Perfect for tying your flies and jigs
  • Outlasts the natural fibers it replaces
  • Fibers made from 45% post-consumer products
  • 25 square inches

Just marketing was my first thought. But I tried to be open minded and did my own tests.

First, I checked the maximal length of the fibres. That’s an important point. Some brands just offer quite short fur. The benchmark is imho the Craft Fur by Hareline.

On the package is written „over 4 inch length fibres“. That was true with one exception: the fibres of the black barred fur are a little bit shorter. All other colors I’ve tested got the correct length.

On the left side Craft Fur, on the right side Fly Fur.

Testing the main point: Fly Fur should have half the underfur and twice the overfur of Craft Fur. Normally we all need the longest fibres of Craft Fur for our streamers. The underfur is crumpled and it doesn’t play so well in the water.

I cut two bunches of fur close to the fabric. The Fly Fur bunch is a little bit smaller.

Craft Fur left, Fly Fur right

I took a comb to seperate the longest fibres from the underfur. The result was very clear. Even if the Fly Fur bunch was a little smaller it got about twice the amount of long fibres.

Craft Fur on top, Fly Fur underneath

It’s true, Fly Fur got much more longer fibres than Craft Fur.

Final Result:

Fly Fur got a nice length, it got more long fibres than Craft Fur and way less underfur. I tied some flies with it in the last two weeks and I used way less material than normally with Craft Fur. Especially when I’m tying sandeels for example, because I really just need the longest fibres. For me, it’s a really great addition to the existing fur on the fly tying market. Fly Fur will definitely get a constant place in my fly tying drawers.

Sandeel tied with Flu Fur
More Sandeels