Golden CDC Seatrout Fly

Most people use CDC for all kinds of dry flies, but it’s a good material for streamer or for example shrimp pattern, because of the movement under water.

This is an easy pattern, which works really great for seatrout, especially when you’ve got sunny, calm weather. Works well for the baltic garfish too.

This fly doesn’t immitate a specific animal, it just looks like food for the seatrout. A little bit like a shrimp, a small baitfish or a mysis.


  • Hook: Partridge CS 54 # 10
  • Tail: golden CDC and 2 fibre Micro Chrystal Flash
  • Ribbing: Mono 0,14mm
  • Body: SLF Saltwater Dubbing Pearl and Ginger
  • Body and Front Hackle: golden CDC
  • Weight: Lead Wire


Wind thin lead wire around the front part of the hook shank.


Use some CDC fibres for the tail.


Add two fibres of Micro Chrystal Flash.


Tie in some mono for ribbing. It’s imortant to fold the mono back and catch it with the thread, so it can’t slip when pulling tight for the ribbing.




SLF Saltwater Dubbing in Pearl and Ginger before mixing


Mixed dubbing.


Split the thread and put the dubbing in the gap.


Spin the bobbin to twist the dubbing.


The first part should be 3/5 of the shank.


Bring the thread to the front.


Again, split the thread, put the dubbing between…


… and dub from the front backwards to the beginning of the already dubbed body.


Split the thread and put CDC fibres in the gap. To prepare the CDC i like to use the Marc Petitjean Magic Tool.


Spin the bobbin to twist the CDC.


Wind the CDC to the eye of the hook, whip finish, brush the whole fly with a toothbrush and varnish the head. The fly is finished.


I tried to show you how the fly looks in the water. The SLF becomes semi-transparent. Together with the CDC looks the fly like it’s alive and yummy.

tight lines                                                                                                                   Holger Lachmann

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