Ein Gedanke zu „Winged Ants # 14 & 16

  1. Ive been lookin for a new tying project to get me inspired to crank out another couple dozen flies (recently went thru a classic-wet-fly tying session of hares ear wets and quill gordon wets in sizes 10-16,.and that really paid off on the fire hole in Yellowstone,.bigtime! But thats another story for another day :-)

    Ants, in multiple sizes, fished dry,.can really bring a tough day of fishing back to the point of having a real fun day. I like the simple 3 material pattern you have here,.although ive yet to buy and play with UV resin.

    If you have any other Ant patterns you’d care to share, id love to see them. Ive got a small handfull of #20 parachute ants in my box,.and id like to add a whole bunch of other sizes and patters,..possibly making a small box of just Ants and beetles.

    If you get around to it,.(if you havnt already),.tie yourself half a box of just classic wet flies and soft hackles. They can have the same level of impact on tough/heavily fished waters as do Ants and Beetles.
    The original Orvis pattern book has a small selection of classic wets,.tied „old school“ (before the days of flash, synthetics, and bead-head-everything),..and they are just as deadly today,.

    Thanks for the cool Ant pattern

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