Magic Shrimp

Rune Westphal designed a nice shrimp pattern. It’s like a Perfect Leo Shrimp from Kern Lund with an translucent rear body.

This is my first attempt with this pattern. I tied the front and the mouth part a bit different with CDC and Arctic Fox. It’s not perfect, but for the first try, I’m quite satisfied.

Magic Shrimp

Here, you can see the tying video of Rune:

2 thoughts on “Magic Shrimp

  1. waow, beautifull, seabass must love it.
    A must have in eacg flybox, for those you cac tye ; )
    a step by step is coming?

    • Thx Eric, there is already a video how to tie it on Youtube made by Rune Westphal. I will post the link.

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