Wiggle Fox

The principle of articulated flies is very old. I don’t really know the reason, but it’s not really common to fish articulated flies for seatrout in the Baltic Sea. I always like the movement of fox tail hair in the water, but there was always a big problem. The tail was raveling behind the hook bend when casting in many times. It was annoying to strip in the line, to see on the last meters, that the flies doesn’t swim correctly.

One and a half year ago I had the the idea to tie articulated flies with long hair from a fox tail. After some tests, I realized, that the flies swim perfectly in the water, without raveling during the long casts you do.

The movement of the long tail together with the joint gives the fly a maximum of flexibility. Especially, when you put some weight into the fly at the front.

I would recommend to retrieve the fly quiet fast with some stops .

Wiggle Fox for Seatrout fishing in Argentina

Wiggle Fox for Seatrout fishing in Argentina


Holger Lachmann

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