Captain Fuzzy Bug!

I had some dubbing-mix left on the table. So, I tied Captain FuzzyBug. A weighted…thing…size 10 to be fished as a streamer or a nymph or a dry fly if you like.
It’s not fancy, it’s not special, it just catches fish. Also very good in natural colors.
So come on Captain FuzzyBug, safe the world!

3 Gedanken zu „Captain Fuzzy Bug!

  1. I was looking this weekend for a new wet fly for the Eastern Green Drake hatch in central Pennsylvania this year when I came across an image of this beauty. The eastern green drake is actually more yellow than green, has extended gills running the length of the body, and on Penns Creek and other nearby rivers runs to a size 6-10. So the wet imitations are usually over-hackled, over-tied, and, well, ugly. So this beauty you’ve tied here will be a vast improvement since it’s a lot prettier. Might I ask you for a recipe, Herr Lachmann? Oh, and I really enjoy your photography and sense of color. Nice website!

    • Hi Jim, it’s just orange thread, partridge for tail and front hackle and hare’s ear dubbing mixed with leftovers from my tying desk.

  2. Danke, Holger. I’ll have to collect some leftovers, particularly the fluorescents you have here. And then try some natural colors too. I’ll let you know how they do. Stay healthy.

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