Squids for the Baltic Sea

Everyone is talking about Squids in the Baltic Sea right now. Why? You can read it here on Globalflyfisher

It’s a nice and interesting written articel by Martin Joergensen. Martin is from Denmark and he is close to the sources, so why should I write it again? ;-)  Thx Martin!

So, I don’t got any squid patterns in my fly box for sea trouts. That’s why I was testing a little bit on my tying place. These are the first two patterns.

First try, unweighted


The second try is weighted in the front and I put the eye on the second part and just the mantle on the main hook.



4 thoughts on “Squids for the Baltic Sea

  1. Holger,
    compliments for this pattern, I’m very much impressed! There is no hook visible in the rear – is there a shank behind the front hook, only?
    Thanks and please go on tying and posting. For me your blog is one of the most inspiring source of the net. Thank you very much!

    • Thank you very much Jörn! There is just the hook in the front and the articualted shank for the eye and the tentacles.

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