New Zonker Muddler

This a kind of pimped Muddler Minnow. I use a piece of zonker stripe for the tail, some fancy dubbing mixed with flash dubbing, krinkle flash, a deer hair muddler head, funky eyes and and a heavy tungsten bead to get it down to the predators. One of my absolut favorite streamer pattern for trout and seatrout!


5 Gedanken zu „New Zonker Muddler

  1. Hi there.
    Awsome flies!!
    Im going for seatrout com,and I thought to tie myself few of those,including black.
    I dont have white zonker, can white marabu be use for a tail insted?
    What is the body made off?
    Would u be so kind to give me some tips, how to tie this fly?

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