Jelly Bean Zonker

Today, I was playing around in the laboratory with uv resin and different powder. Just for fun, just to get new ideas. I got a two toned belly in my mind. After some testing, this little guy was born. Pretty simple, but with a little touch of finesse. It reminds me of a jelly bean, so the name was pretty simple – Jelly Bean Zonker 😉
It’s important to use a wide gap hook, so the @ahrexhooks NS122 Light Stinger size 6 was perfect for this little guy. I could imagine, that sea trout, browntrout and chub will like it. Hopefully! :-D

2 Gedanken zu „Jelly Bean Zonker

  1. Holger,
    Thanks for your blog. I often come back just to get inspired before I sit at the bench.
    I have a question about the Jelly Zonker: what powders are these you refer to? Are you mixing dye with your UV?

    • It’s a fine pigment power I’ve found in a craft store some years ago. I just mix it with the Bug Bond UV resin and put it on the fly.

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