…warm up for the ADH-Fishing Spring Fair

I’m invited to tie at the spring fair of ADH-Fishing on march 2nd+3rd, 2013. I’m really looking forward for this great event. Guests will be Christopher Rownes, Mikael Frödin, Stefan Bauer from the Vision Team, Andy Weiß, Allan P. Bloch from Guideline, Jens Kilian and Sepp Fuchs.Big names in casting and tying!

The fair is a big highlight every year! I hope to see you there! It will be a blast!


Pro Sportfisher Magazine

Here it is, the Pro Sportfisher Magazine 2013!

Click the link or the picture to visit the Pro Sportfisher Magazine.


Pro Magazine

Watch it online, or download it as a PDF!

You can find really cool articles and step by step tying tutorials! I’m really proud to be a member of the Pro Staff family with big names like Morten Bundgaard, Sören Flarup, Mikael Lindström, Jokke Edin, Andy Weiß, Nils Folmer Jorgensen, April Vokey, Johan Put, Steen Thams, John Peterman and Long Nguyen.

Check it out!

…waiting for the trouts…

I tied a lot of bigger patterns in the last couple of weeks like streamers, pike flies, tube flies, flies for seatrout, etc. ….

This is the first smaller pattern I tied since a long time. Just can’t wait to fish with a light rod for trout and grayling again, but I still have to wait some month… enough time to fill my fly boxes with fresh nymphs, dries and emerger.

For this one I used the following materials:

  • striped peacock quill coated with Bug Bond
  • natural cdc wing post
  • yellow and brown cdc hackle
  • alpaka dubbing for the thorax
  • tied on a 1167 Daiichi # 14