Playing With Colors

From time to time, I love to tie tube flies. Here, you can be very creative and play with colors. This tube got four wings (red, yellow, blue and black) and is weighted in the body. It’s not a show fly, it’s a real fishing fly. The head is made with Bug Bond. IMG_4992-1 (Large)


Sparkle Mayfly

Sparkle Mayfly. Wings are two colors of CDC (natural and white from Trout Line) with a few strands of very thin flash. There’s a little sparkle in the wings. It’s hard to show that on the picture, in reality, it’s looks very posh! Thorax is normal dubbing, wingcase is made from pheasant and the body is made with Polish Quills, secured with Bug Bond. Tails are synthetic Mayfly Tails. For the hook I’ve used a D23BL # 14 from Trout Line.

IMG_4977 (Medium)

Caddis Pupa with Tungsten Bead

IMG_4955 (Medium)

This is a little Caddis Pupa weighted with a tungsten bead as a head. The abdomen is made with thread, green Polish Quills and Bug Bond uv resin. Pheasant as wing case, also secured with Bug Bond, dubbing and some fibres from a partridge feather as legs. Very simple, but a good fishing fly.