Renzetti Vices -30% on sale at adh-fishing

Normally, I don’t do this kind of promo, but it’s just a very good deal.

You can get the Renzetti Traveler Vise for more than 30% less at the moment at or A very good vise for all kinds of flies from dry fly to pike streamer. If you are searching a nice christmas present for your fishing family members, friends or just for yourself…take the chance!

I already got a Renzetti vise, otherwise… ;-)


Changing The Cork Grip On A Fly Rod – A Picture Story

A little picture story about the change of the cork grip on a Vision Mag 3/4 10ft. I cut away the hook keeper and lenghten the grip some centimeters. Originally, the rod had a kind of mini full wells. Didn’t liked it at all and I changed the form with sanding paper by hand after a short while. The result was better, but far away from good. So, one evening I decided to remove the cork and then I started to rebuild the grip with good quality cork discs.

Original grip above. The pictures below are after the first shaping by hand.

Beaver attack at the grip ;-)

Half of the cork is cut away.

Most of the cork is gone

new cork discs

tight fitting

The result with a new winding check and a bit of lime green metallic thread.

PolarBrush-Baitfish Step By Step


My buddy Alex from adh-fishing knows, that I like or maybe I should say love Polar Fibre for some of my flies (especially the Baltic Candy). When he called recently, he told me “…we got some new cool stuff, for example the Polar Fibre Streamer Brush, I’m pretty sure you will like it!”

Some days later I got it at my home. ADH did already a video how to use it for pike and big saltwater flies (click here to see the video).

When I saw it, I just thought “BAITFISH”!

I love baitfish patterns. That’s just what predatory fish love to eat. So I did a fast and easy to tie baitfish pattern using Polar Fibre Streamer Brush.

I made a little step by step of my first attempt. Yes, that what you see on the pictures was really the very first time I’ve tied with the Streamer Brush. It’s very easy and you don’t need much of it. You can get it in different colors and also in two tone combinations. A little bit of UV-Flash is also already in the brush, so you don’t need extra flash.

I will do a closer look at it soon, but for now, let’s start with the step by step!


  • Hook: Gamakatsu F 314 #2
  • Body: Ice Dub UV White
  • RIbbing: Mono
  • Body: H2O Polar Fibre Streamer Brush grizzly chartreuse/green
  • Head: Senyos Laser Dub (different colors)
  • Eyes: 6mm 3D-Eyes fluo red
  • UV Resin: Bug Bond Lite
  • Thread: Veevus 50D white


Do a thread base and tie in the mono for the ribbing.


Dub a body 2/3 of the hook shank and rib it with the mono. Then give it a good brush with you velcro.

polarfibre-brush-baitfish-3 polarfibre-brush-baitfish-4 polarfibre-brush-baitfish-5

Take the Polar Fibre Streamer Brush and cut of a two colored segment like shown and tie it in.


Grab the wire with a hackle plier and wind the fibres back.


Wind the Streamer Brush around the shank and comb it backwards. Catch the end with your thread and secure it. Use a drop of super glue or varnish to make it super strong.


View from above. A nice baitfish like drop shape.

polarfibre-brush-baitfish-9 polarfibre-brush-baitfish-10 polarfibre-brush-baitfish-11

Add clumps of Laser Dub to build up the head. You don’t need much. You should also comb the Laser Dub to align the fibres.


Put the eyes on the head by using super glue gel and let some drops of Bug Bond Lite soak up into the front of the head to make it strong.


If you like, you can color the fly with permanent marker pens. That’s it! Easy as 1-2-3. ;-)

DPP – Deep Perch Popper


When it’s getting colder, I like to fish for perch with popper-sytyle flies. I don’t fish them the normal way on the surface as a topwater fly. I use a super fast sinking line and attach just a short piece of mono or fc with a length between 100-50 cm to the front loop as a leader/tippet. The popper will float above the sinking line. The height it floats depends on the length of the tippet and on the current. The current will push the popper down.


You should cast the line out and give it time to sink to the bottom. When you strip the line in, the popper swims towards the bottom. If you do a pause, the popper will rise towards the surface again. How often you strip and pause depends on the water you fish and the situation.


Below is a very simple scheme of retrieving the popper.zig-zag

A very good fly even in murky water, because it makes a lot of shock waves. It also works great, when you have an uneven bottom and the risk to loose a normal streamer is very high.


Fly Reels Made In Germany

New tackle is always fun! I was searching for a fly reel for my 3/4 10ft. nymphing rod this time. I always look for top quality, because normally I fish my tackle for many many years. So I think it’s better to invest 1-2 Euro more instead of buying cheap and replacing the tackle within the next few years. Anyway, this time I didn’t want to spent too much money for a small reel for trout, grayling and coarse fish. Around 200,- € – 250,- € was my self limited budget.


There are some nice reels on the market in this price range, but they are almost all manufactured in the far east, with one exception – Vosseler fly reels.

Vosseler are on the market since many years and I know that they are producing good reels, but I never get very close in touch with them. I don’t really know why.IMG_7596I got a Vossler clip tool for tying, which is very exact machined, and still works after 5 years like on day one. So I thought, when the clip tool is so precise machined, how are the reels?

I summerized the facts:

  • a fly reel made in Germany
  • right size and weight for my rod
  • I like the look and the titanium color
  • it costs clearly under 200,- €

IMG_7598I ordered a Vosseler DC2 5/6 at adh-fishing and two days later I got the reel at my home.

The first impression was awesome. Extremly well machined, no wiggle, wobble, waggle of any part on the reel. The break is very smooth. The finish is also very nice, it looks in reality even better than on the pictures. The click sound of the reel is very nice, not too loud … hard to describe…maybe you can say smooth.


I fished the reel and it performs like I hoped it would – Flawless!                   Very impressive piece of metal made in Germany for under 200,- €. To be exact, the DC2 5/6 costs 189,- €. I saw a lot of reels in the price range of 350,- € and more, which are not even close to this quality.

The only thing I would change: I would close the reel frame completely. That’s just my personal preference.IMG_7600So, what’s the reason I wrote about the reel? Many people might think I got the reel for free and that’s the reason I wrote such positive things about it (like many people do on the web). Nope! I paid the normal price like everybody else. No sponsoring at all.IMG_7602

I was just very impressed to get such a good reel for under 200,- € made in Germany by a company with very high skills in machining metal.IMG_7603

The fly fishing scene is crazy. Single hand fly rods close to 1.000,- €, reels for more than 500,- €, waders for 800,- € and more… everything is getting more expensive from year to year without getting really better…

Not every fly fishermen can or want to pay such high prices. So it’s nice to see, that it is still possible to get good tackle for a good price.   IMG_7605 IMG_7606