I like to use a dubbing mix made out of some nice dubbings. Choose whatever you want. One part of the dubbing should be a little bit spiky.


Mix the dubbings together. Here’s my result.


Other materials I use for the Tangloppen (scud in the baltic sea).


Tie in the short marabou tail. Most common hook sizes are # 12 – #8.


Tie in the mono ribbing and the body stretch.


Dub the body.


Turn over the body stretch and catch it with the thread next to the hook eye.


Rib the body with the mono.


Tie in the antennas, make a whip finish and varnish the head. At least brush the dubbing body with a velcro brush to imitate the little legs. Voilà! A nice little easy to tie Tangloppen. Sometimes this small fly is really, really good for seatrout.

I like my Tangloppen unweighted, so I can fish it very slowly and in really shallow water over beds of seaweed.

I posted this step by step instruction already on my Facebook page, but I think it’s an important pattern for seatrout, so it should be part of the blog.