CDC Spinner #16


Some Spinner #16


  • Hook: D04BL from Troutline
  • Tail: Coq de Leon
  • Abdomen: Polish Quills secured with Bug Bond UV Resin
  • Thorax: Oliver Edwards Masterclass Dubbing
  • Wings and WIngcase: CDC
  • Thread: GSP 50D

What Chubs like…

In my home river are not many trouts. It’s more a river of „coarse fish“ how the english would say. But the nymphing for chubs is really fun. They are not easy to catch. Often I think they are harder to catch then trout.The good thing about chubs is their size. They are much bigger than the average trout.

In the last time, I discovered, that the chubs love nymphs with an orange hot spot. So I tied some and I caught some really nice chubs, which you can see in the posts of the last days.


„Flybei Special“


Alex Keus from FLYBEI Fly Fishing School and Guide Service said to me, that I should tie a „FLYBEI-Nymph“. I asked how it should look like and he just answered „Surprise me!“.

I know that he’s great in modern nymph techniques, so it has to be a Hanak hook and a little 3mm tungsten bead. Then I remembered, that we once talked about the dubbing I recently bought and he said I’d forgetten to buy the best – the blue one! Ok, he likes blue… time to use the blue Polish Quills. I’ve never used this color before. Just a little Coq de Leon tail and some Peacock Dubbing and the fly is finished. He likes simple nymphs, which sinks extremly fast, so no legs or fancy CDC on this nymph, which slows down the sinking speed of the fly. I hope he likes it! ;-)