New tying video – LaSku Streamer

I fish the LaSku Streamer since some years now and it brought me some really nice fish. I’ve used it for perch, trout, asp, and chub. It’s very easy to tie, it’s durable and looks even better under water. The Fish Skull gives it a nice jigging effect and in stronger current some depth. From time to time, you should give it a brush to straighten the Laser Dub, so it looks great again. Maybe you’ll like it as much as I do. Have fun tying and trying!

Tying THE BURNER – fly tying video

New fly tying video of the superb „Burner“ is online on YouTube .I’ve already made a photo step by step on my blog long time ago, but when I was tying yesterday, I put on the camera. The result is quite ok, a bit shaky, but still good enough to show. I hope you like the video and THE BURNER as much as I do. It’s one of my favourite patterns of all flies I’ve created over the past years.