Articulated Pike Streamer

These streamers for pike are articulated, so the move very nice. The length is between 17-20 cm. Even if the look quite bulky, they are easy to cast, because the materials are tied in sparsely . Really flies that everyone can cast.


Material Test: Baitfish 3D Fly with H2O Sculpting UV Flash Fibre


Some time ago I got some Sculpting UV Flash Fibre from H2O for testing. It comes in a wide range of colors and it is a little bit curly and very soft. That’s the reason, why it moves good in the water, but still remains the nice 3D shape and the volume. Some UV and normal flash fibres are blend into the Sculpting Fibre. It’s just the right amount of reflections of light, not too much and not too less. It works for small baitfish for sea trout and trout as well as for bigger patterns for pike and sea monsters like GT. You could also use it for the shell of the famous shrimp pattern „Pattegrisen“. It’s easy to work with and you can give it a cool coloration with marker pens. You cut it in the right shape with your scissors.

For the streamer above, I’ve used just two colors: UV Wilde Olive and UV White and marker pens. A little bit orange dubbing for the bite point and some 3D eyes together with a good hook and you are ready to go.


A really nice material. I will use it for my tying more often in the future.

You can get the whole range of colors at ADH Fishing.

Just click the link: H2O SCULPTING FLASH FIBRE

Playing With Colors On This Pike Tube

The sky’s gray, it’s cold, it’s not allowed to fish for predators with mean teeth at the moment… what could you do to bring back some nice thoughts into your mind? Bring some colors on your tying desk! :-)

This colorful pattern makes me smile! I hope you smile as well! :-)


Tying Frankenstein Tubes

I tied some flash tubes for pikes in the past. They looked good, but nowadays there are special plastic tubes for pike with a really big diameter available, which makes it easier to get the wire leader through it. So I rebuild most of my tubeflies and used their materials to tie new ones, mostley the eyes, flash and hackles.

This is the result. I’m quite satisfied how Frankenstein looks now. ;-)