Tying Frankenstein Tubes

I tied some flash tubes for pikes in the past. They looked good, but nowadays there are special plastic tubes for pike with a really big diameter available, which makes it easier to get the wire leader through it. So I rebuild most of my tubeflies and used their materials to tie new ones, mostley the eyes, flash and hackles.

This is the result. I’m quite satisfied how Frankenstein looks now. ;-)


Dancing Squid

Three DANCING SQUIDS I finished last night in three different colors:
white/pearl | white/uv-sand | white/uv-pink

The idea behind this fly was to create a squid pattern, for fishing in the Baltic Sea for sea trouts. I wanted a squid pattern with a great movement in the water and it must be easy to cast. There are a lot of squid patterns around, but we fish for sea trout mostly with 6 and 7weights and casting long distances, so the less material the better. The DANCING SQUID moves great because of the sili legs, the ostrich and the articulation. The mantle is made from arctic fox and laser dub and got a nice translucency. They are weighted and tied on a Gamakatsu F 314 #4.

Watch out sea trouts, the DANCING SQUID is coming!  ;-)

Dancing Squid


Flatwing Tobis

IMG_4413 (Medium)

Flatwing Tobis: Check!
I tied two of this flies 3 times. Tied it, cut it up, tied it, cut it up again, tied it a third time. I was just not satisfied with the result and I don’t put a „bad“ fly in my box, because I know that I won’t fish it and I won’t give it away as a present. I just throw it in the trash after some years. Maybe the fish doesn’t give a damn, but if you don’t have faith in your fly, you won’t fish it the right way.

Flash Tubes For Pike

Woke up early this morning, opened my front door and a very strong wind wafted into my face. Well, that’s autumn. So, no fishing today. Tied some flashy tubes for pike this morning. Each one is tied a little bit different. I’m curious which one will works best.

Quick flash tube

A quick flash tube using different colors of flash, bucktail, two grizzly hackles, Senyos laser dub and two eyes. Very simple, but it moves awesome in the water.


When I first tied this pattern, I used epoxy for it. That’s why there’s „Poxy“ in the name of the fly. Today I use uv-resin for it, but I didn’t wanted to chance the name. ;-)

When you tie this pattern, it’s very important, that the resin soaks into the braid at the end of the fly to fix the marble fox, so it won’t tangle around the hook bend while casting. The materials used are:

  • Gamakatsu F314 # 2
  • Mono thread
  • 3D Eyes
  • Marble Fox olive
  • Krinkle Mirror Flash
  • Ice Dub golden olive
  • Felix Cord olive
  • Permanent Markers
  • UV-Resin

You can also tie in some lead wire if you want, to create a jigging effect for example.

The Poxy-Fox looks really massive on the picture, but in the water it got some translucency. That’s the reason, why you should dub a thin body before slipping the flexi cord around the hook shank.

tight lines

Holger Lachmann