Flash Tubes For Pike

Woke up early this morning, opened my front door and a very strong wind wafted into my face. Well, that’s autumn. So, no fishing today. Tied some flashy tubes for pike this morning. Each one is tied a little bit different. I’m curious which one will works best.

Quick flash tube

A quick flash tube using different colors of flash, bucktail, two grizzly hackles, Senyos laser dub and two eyes. Very simple, but it moves awesome in the water.

Pike Tube Fly

I tied this pike tube on a clear Pro Sportfisher Flexitube using feathers, bucktail, different kinds of flash, ostrich, senyo’s laser dub and 15mm living eyes “ice” from Flymen Fishing Company. It got a total length of 22cm. Looking forward to cast this tube next to some crocs.

Articulated Pike Streamer

Well, it’s raining, wind is blowing really strong and the snow melts. Right weather to tie a fly, watching fish porn and dreaming about the fishing season to come.

I used the 35mm Articulated Shanks and the new Living Eyes “Ice” from Flymen Fishing Company for it for this pattern, together with arctic fox, zonker stripe and Senyo’s Laser Dub.


Mean Green Pike Piercer

A cold sunday afternoon. After a very stressful week, I was sitting at my tying desk, not directly knowing what to tie. I just let my ideas flow. The result is a big pike tube fly, the “Mean Green Pike Piercer”. It’s tied on a Pro Sportfisher Flexi Tube and for the head I used a Pro Softhead.


Super Easy Anti-Crinkle Bite Tippet For Pike and Musky

I always hated to fish bite tippets made out of steel wire, because after a short time they started to crinkle.

Since two years, I fish bite tippets made out of “Knot2Kinky”. No more crinkle during normal fishing, cheap, easy to do and very light weight. Everything what I wanted from a bite tippet!

Let me show you how I “tie” these bite tippets:

You need Knot2Kinky with the strength you wanted them, Bug Bond, a snap, a dubbing needle or a nail, a side cutter and 2 minutes of time.

Take a piece of Knot2Kinky in the length you want the tippet +6 cm. For my standard tippets I use 36 cm Knot2Kinky. When it’s done, it’s around 30 cm long.

Make a perfection loop on the one side. A nail or the dubbing needle helps to tighten the knot.

Take a side cutter and nip away the waist. Be carefull, the end ot the Knot2Kinky is sharp like a needle after cutting it.

Put a little drop of Bug Bond on the knot of the perfection loop. This will secure the loop and save you for being stung by the edge of the Knot 2Kinky.

Cure the Bug Bond with the uv torch. Do all the preceded steps again on the other end of the Knot2Kinky wire.

Now, you only have to attach a snap on the one side and you got a great bite tippet!

Last point, go to your water and catch a big, mean, toothy predator! ;-)



….big is beautiful…

After tying some flies for grayling in size 18 & 20 I decided to tie two pike flies on Partridge Predator hooks size 4/0 as an equalization….one very colorful, the other one in muted colors….

Tied mainly with rabbit stripes and arctic fox.


Articulated Pike Streamer In The Water

I made two short videos how the articulated pike streamer move in the water. The blue streamer is the same as the white/olive one, just another color. Due to the big head made from uv-resin, the craft fur keep its volume in the current and moves really nicely!






PAPS – Pink Articulated Pike Streamer


Sometimes it is just fun to tie such kind of a monster fly. This pike streamer with a length of 27 cm is articulated to give the fly the maximum of flexibility.There is just one hook in the middle of the fly.

It’s a combination of natural hair and feathers together with synthetics, which creates a big shape and the effect of mass without being to heavy when wet. It’s still possible to cast it with a 8 weight + rod and a pike taper line or a shooting head.